ComHeat Microwave AB is a design company that develops silicon power devices using foundry services. Presently we are working on a new patented LDMOS concept. We also have a fundamentally Latch-Free LIGBT/IGBT new patented device concept.

Current status


A new LDMOS device concept with breakthrough performance. From 60V up to more than 1000V. More information here or contact us.


This new device concept which earlier has been proven in laboratory is now being implemented in a standard foundry process by ComHeat Microwave AB. It is a 0.18 um SOI technology compatible with Low Voltage CMOS and Bipolar analog devices where High Voltage devices with breakdown voltage up to around 230V can be implemented.

Some early results were presented at the EUROSOI-ULIS conference in 2015. An extended paper was later published in Solid State Electronics   “A new latch-free LIGBT on SOI with very high current density and low drive voltage”.

During last year additional improvements have been made. Von,when the device starts to conduct has been reduced from 2V down to  0.8 V increasing overall current capability. This has reduced RonxA (FOM,Figure of merit) down to 120mΩmm2, improving the company position to more than 5 times less area than competitive LIGBT approaches.

For the same on-resistance and current the new device can be implemented in less than 1/5 of the area. In the new device the MOS device will take up 1/2 of  the area and the PNP transistor the other half. The output capacitance is determined by the PNP device and is then reduced to less than 1/10. The maximum saturation current is nearly 7 times higher than competitive LIGBTs. This is very important for the fall time which is inversely proportional to IDsat. Compared to LDMOS devices the saturation current is 15-30 times higher.

Additional  competitive advantages:

  • The width of the first insulated gate field effect transistor can be increased relative the width of the second modified field effect transistor  so the gate of the first can be driven by 2V instead of 5V (total area increase around 50%). For switching input power  increase as V2 which means the input power can be reduced by 2-3 times.
  • Further as the manufacturing technology for the device is compatible with 0.18 um 2V CMOS an additional power supply for 5V can be eliminated and reduce total cost.
  • The new device is implemented in a standard technology  with  no additional masks or process steps which very often is required  when making drastic improvements. This will make it easy to find second source..



Presentation of new 60-1000V LDMOS device.


Article in Solid-State Electronics, "A new latch-free LIGBT on SOI with very high current density and low drive voltage", J  Olsson et. al.,  Solid State Electronics 115 (2016) pages 179-184..


ComHeat and Uppsala University presents the device at the EUROSOI-ULIS conference in Bologna.


ComHeat presents new device concept at Swedish Microwave Days in Gothenburg.

Artikel i Elektronik i Norden på svenska från konferensen.


For more information contact Klas-Håkan Eklund.

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